Seminar: Investments and Derivatives Training

May 7-9, New York, NY

November 5-7, New York, NY

Understanding and Auditing Investments and Derivatives

ANGEL OAK Senior RESEARCH Manager Rob McDonough will be delivering a 3 day public seminar on key concepts and techniques to evaluate investments and derivatives

About the Event

Auditing investments and derivatives can be very challenging in today’s volatile markets. In this three-day seminar, attendees will gain a basic understanding of investment and derivative terminology, the strategies entered into by portfolio managers/investment managers/traders and the core processes used in the risk management and back-office operations. We will examine front-office, back-office and middle-office activities; control objectives; red flags and internal control best practices. In addition, attendees will learn to differentiate between derivative hedging and speculating activity and gain an understanding of the new financial regulation changes being introduced into the market over the next several years. We will pay special attention to identifying the specific risks common to investment and derivative strategies and cover how to minimize those risks with a strong internal control environment. Through class discussions, case studies and practical exercises, you will learn how to develop meaningful audit programs to use in one of the most material areas an auditor can review.

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