FFIEC Seminar – Structured Finance/Securitization

Structured Finance: Investment Analysis & Risk Management

March 19-23, 2018
Washington, DC

Senior Research Manager Rob McDonough will be delivering a 5 day seminar to federal and state bank regulators on  structured finance and securitization concepts.

About the Event

The Structured Finance: Investment Analysis & Risk Management course is designed to provide commissioned examiners with an understanding and working knowledge of structured securities, specifically the structure, inherent risk, and investment purpose for financial institutions. The course will include an overview on the structure and behavior of specific structured securities from basic to complex. The course will also include discussions on the risk assessment and management of the investment portfolio containing structured securities, appropriate accounting and capital treatment, and pre-purchase analysis performed by the investor and reviewed by the examiner. The course was developed and is led by Global Financial Markets Institute instructors, but also includes presenters from the FFIEC agencies on a variety of topics.

Download course description from FFIEC website

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