Dissecting Dodd-Frank: What the DFA Means for Your Bank

Course Description

The Dodd-Frank Act represents the most wide-sweeping overhaul of the financial services industry in nearly 80 years. The scope of changes touches virtually every aspect of banking from corporate governance, consumer protection, investment advisory services, hedging and executive compensation, to name but a few. Boards of directors are increasingly under scrutiny to be more knowledgeable about the risks being taken at their institutions and to provide guidance to prudently manage risk-taking.

Dodd-Frank presents a maze of new regulations and policies regarding the activities and risks of financial institutions large and small. Effective boards will be those that are well-equipped to understand what Dodd-Frank means for their specific firms.

This training program enables board members to understand the key elements of Dodd-Frank as they pertain to banking and what they should be looking out for in their discussions with management.

Delivery Options

  • On- or off-site instructor-led training
  • Standalone delivery or larger-program integration Flexible half-day, one-day or two-day seminar structures
  • Webinar format
  • Fully customizable courses

Course Outline

Module 1

Understanding the Big Picture of Dodd-Frank

  • Objectives and Motives for Regulation
  • Key Provisions
  • Potential Impacts on your bank

Module 2

Consumer Provisions

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Making sense of the current state of mortgage foreclosure and servicing issues

Module 3

Corporate Governance & Executive Compensation

  • Shareholder Accountability and Say-on-Pay
    • Nominating Directors
    • Independent Compensation Committees
    • Establishing Risk Committees and what expertise to look for

Module 4

Investment Advisory Services Provisions

  • Broker Fiduciary Duties

Module 5

Trading, Hedging and Securitization Provisions

  • Derivatives Transactions
  • Proprietary Trading and the Volcker Rule
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • Risk Retention and Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) provisions

Module 6

Mortgage Provisions

  • High Cost Mortgages
  • Disclosures
  • Unfair Lending Practices
  • Yield Spread Premiums
  • Borrower Qualifications

Module 7


  • Regulatory Oversight
  • Funeral Plans – Living Wills
  • Getting ready for the Office of Financial Research – putting your data house in order

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