Angel Oak Core Deposit Model

Angel Oak has developed a comprehensive analytical system for assessing core deposit behaviors at financial institutions of all sizes and complexity. Our model produces analytics that are easily incorporated into balance sheet and risk management processes.

The model identifies key drivers of duration and market value and produces results that are technically rigorous, action-oriented and back-testable. A risk management focus drives our approach. The model design facilitates overall risk awareness and provides the ability to conduct sensitivity analysis on key behavioral assumptions.

Competitive Advantages:

  • The model results can be input directly into existing ALM and FTP systems
  • The analysis can be used by ALM, FTP and forecasting managers – our approach facilitates consistent treatment of deposits across the entire organization.
  • We provide web-enabled access to proprietary historical data to facilitate both institution-specific and peer analysis under a variety of scenarios.
  • Our professionals have combined decades of applied experience in deposit analysis, allowing us to provide knowledge transfer while serving as a trusted advisor.

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