Angel Oak Consulting Group

Angel Oak Consulting excels at providing value to banks and credit unions. Our team of industry professionals can leverage years of experience from the perspective of practitioners, regulators, and consultants.  We have partnered with depository financial institutions, asset managers, insurance companies, and regulators to deliver value-driven risk management, investment optimization, compliance and education solutions.

The Right Theoretical and Practical Experience

Angel Oak Consulting was created to fill the practical experience gap that exists in the field of risk management consulting. There are plenty of consultants well-versed in theory, but very few have served as contemporary real-world practitioners. It was this fundamental void that launched the idea to provide a consulting alternative–a group that not only understands risk management in theory, but has also had to execute on strategic and tactical solutions and been held accountable for their results.

Superior Value

Angel Oak prides itself on providing clients with superior value. The goal with each engagement is to offset our professional fees by a significant multiple through our clients’ enhanced ability to understand, measure and manage risk, and optimize balance sheet performance.

True Collaboration

The Angel Oak team comprises industry CFO, treasury and regulatory specialists. A collaborative effort ensures every client receives thoughtful solutions based on their unique risk management needs, guided by the practical experiences and expertise of the Angel Oak team.

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